Thursday, August 1

The Life of a One Year Old

This child still my baby.
I don't care what you say.
He's just a taller, more mobile, louder, more talkative, hungrier, heavier baby.
We sure do love him.
 He does some pretty funny things these days.
Lately, I've been trying to workout everyday (I own you, baby gut!) and whenever I do crunches, Richie likes to climb on top of me and face my knees, and hook his legs just under my chin.
That's right, folks!  That means, his little diapered butt is sitting directly on my face.
Not the most pleasant thing if we have yet to change his diaper in the morning or if he just went number 2. Otherwise, it's just distracting...
He loves our phones.  Yes, he still loves to chew on them, but now he also like to put them up to his ear like we do.
He loves to play peek-a-boo.  He really loves it when T hides somewhere, Richie goes off to find him and T jumps out at him.  He thinks that's hilarious!  When I do it, not so much.
He likes to play a little rougher than JW ever did.  He likes to be bounced and swung and thrown. 
He's close to walking.  He did take some steps while my parents were here, but I'm thinking that was just a fluke.  He likes to stand up in the middle of the room, and then, eventually and slowly come back down. 
His eyes are still steely blue...WTF??
I think he likes to give kisses.  If we're laying on the floor, he'll come over and put his slobbery mouth somewhere on our faces.  Sometimes, he likes to bite T's nose, but with me he just puts his mouth on my face. 
He loves things that make noise or move. 
He's such a wiggler!  I am having a devil of a time changing his diaper these days because he flips right over the minute that diaper is off!
That's why I couldn't get a good picture of him for his monthly photos!
For his birthday, we got him a gift, and we also got JW a gift, too.
JW doesn't quite understand the concept yet, and so he thought it was all our birthdays.
We sang to Richie, kept him from touching the lit candle, and then JW blew it out for him.
We then relit the candle, sang to, and blew out candle for everyone else in our little family, too.  JW insisted.
Richie, then went to town on his cupcake.
When we gave JW his one year old cupcake, he touched, felt the icing between his fingers, and started crying.  I had to feed him the rest of his cupcake.  I love that sensitive kid.
Richie, on the other hand, got ahold of that thing and never let go.  Seriously, he just held it near his face and kept chomping away.  He got a pretty dirty face, and it seemed like he really enjoyed it.
 Bottom line:  We love Richie Rich!

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