Tuesday, July 30

Parents in July

My parents came to stay with us after Jake's wedding. 
I really love having my parents come and visit.
I obviously wanted to see them, and my children obviously wanted to see them. 
JW is a huge grandma fan, and Richie is a huge grandpa fan. 
I guess the main reason I was ready to see them this time is because I revert back to their child and act like it, and they revert back to my parents and act like it.
My mom takes care of the kids, cleans, and does projects around my house.
My dad buys a ton of groceries, cooks all our meals, and takes us on fun day trips.
It's like all my responsibilities just melt away for the time they are here.
It was very much needed since I've been super stressed with work starting and doing my boards. 
Anyway, everyone had a great time.
One of the days, my parents took us on a little day trip by a nearby canyon.  My dad made potato salad and we enjoyed the windy day as well as the drive. 
Another day, my dad made cupcakes with the kids.
JW talked about this for days before it actually happened.  You can tell the kids had a great time.

My parents brought this small suitcase with them.  For whatever reason, the kids LOVED sitting in it and watching T.V., so they spent a lot of their time doing that.
T was in the Pioneer Day Rodeo, and we got to go watch him.  I LOVE it when he does cowboy stuff like that.  He looks so manly!

My parents got to see my brother in the MTC because he broke his ankle.  It looks like he's going to be staying an extra week in the MTC...
My mom, T, and myself did a team triathlon.  I did the biking, T did the swimming, and my mom did the running.  It was really fun!
The kids basically just had a good time with their grandparents, and here's some pictures to show it...

 We're counting down the days for when we can see them again!

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