Sunday, June 16

10 Months

I probably say this too often.
Uh oh, don't care (name that movie).
But I have amazingly wonderful children.
Do they bug me sometimes?
Is my house an absolute mess because of them?!
Do I sometimes wish I could have just 5 min. alone?!?!
Something that I've learned with age (because I'm sooo old) is that there is NOTHING in this life that is ALWAYS wonderful all the time. 
Motherhood is right up there.
All these feelings are real and overwhelming and I get stressed out often (poor T, amiright?).
But nothing beats the first moment you lay eyes on the child your body created. 
Nothing beats those quiet times when it's just you and your newborn and in that moment, you two beings are the only ones that exist.
Nothing beats watching your child discover the world around them with new eyes.
Nothing beats your sick child letting you hold and love them all night long.
Nothing beats watching them learn their first few words, watching the excitement all over their faces now that they can FINALLY communicate something!
Nothing beats washing their soft baby skin, but also being keenly aware of how slippery they are when wet!
Nothing beats being away from home all weekend, and watching their bodies relax the minute you walk into your house.
Nothing beats seeing how different they act in front of you vs. everyone else.
Nothing beats the first time (or any time, really) they intentionally give you hugs and kisses.
Nothing beats feeling their little bodies fall asleep on your shoulder (especially when they have long outgrown 'the falling asleep in your arms' stage).
Nothing beats the smile (even at a young age) that sweeps across their faces when you haven't seen them for awhile.
And nothing beats seeing your children laugh together!
I've been thinking about these moments lately,
 because my baby turned 10 months old.
He's becoming a little more clingy these days.
He's also started to mimic us a lot lately.
(ie: blowing raspberries, saying mom and dad)
He still LOVES his reflection and the open front and bathroom door.
Everything still goes straight into his mouth.
He also still LOVES following around T and JW and their shenanigans.
And JW is STILL the only person that can make him laugh, no matter what his mood.
And I love him for it.
At this very moment, he's found a shoe and is doing what he does when he's trying to experience it (ie: holding it over his head, hitting it, finding a way (and succeeding!) to put it in his mouth).
It's fun for me to just watch him sometimes (see above, the above discovering new things).
He's just trying to make sense of the world around him.
He's a thinking baby, that's for sure.
He has truly made our lives richer.
He has added a new and special element into our lives, and our family would be seriously lacking without his beautiful baby face.
He makes us whole...
I know JW loves this boy, because he loves talking to him and playing with him.
I really and truly hope these children are best friends.

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