Saturday, June 8


The end of the month of May was to say the least, stressful and busy.
School was coming to an end, which meant checkout stuff to do, final grades, organizing, tying up curricular loose ends, and just plain doing all those things that need to get done before the school year closes.
We also had a REALLY long winter, which dragged into the beginning of May, which means we were feeling rather stir crazy, which means we were going crazy with all the things we NEEDED to do RIGHT NOW!
Which probably explains my wicked (farmer's) tan right now.
Anyway, along with the typical end of the school year stuff, we got to enjoy some not so typical stuff, too.
My little brother, Preston, was going on a mission.
Memorial Day weekend was spent down south (SLC) to spend it with my parents and brothers.
We got to go through the temple for Preston's first time, we got to hang out with some of my dad's family, and my children got to eagerly soak up attention my parents so gladly poured on them.
It was truly a unique experience to be able to be apart of Preston's special couple of days.
He's a great guy, and we are lucky to have him in the family!

JW was messing with the 'do not disturb the missionaries playing' traffic cone.   I'm pretty sure he is going to be one of those missionaries.   His dad is teaching him well!
I kid you not, there was a time when I was one of the taller ones in the family... Up until the moment before laying eyes on this picture, I thought, 'Sure, I am the shortest one, but probably not by that much.'
I can't be that short in comparison...maybe I'm standing in a sinkhole?  Maybe those two boys are on their tippies?  Maybe I'm slouching? 
Eh, whatever.


Pants said...

Man, what a great weekend(ish)!

Pants said...

Love all those pictures. So lucky that you got to be there with your parents and Preston. Yay family!