Sunday, May 12

Here's the Story...

So, I've never needed glasses.
It was kind of a source of pride/rejection for me.
Sure, I was proud to say I'd never needed glasses.
People are always shocked, like I have bionic hearing or something.
But, I also always felt like I was missing out on something.
Obviously, I don't want to be blind, but it would have been nice to have a slight eye imperfection to justify getting some stylish frames.
Besides, people always used to tell me how good I would look with glasses.
Fast forward to a few weeks ago.
I was at church.
We sit in the back.
(We have kids, we're always late)
I couldn't see the hymn numbers!
I asked T if this was normal, and he looked at me, smirked, and said resolutely, 'No.'
This got me thinking.
Besides the mandatory eye exam they make you get before going on a mission, I'd never had an eye exam (if school ones don't count).
That was about 6 years ago or something.
Maybe it was time I scheduled one.
I went in, and first of all, the doctor was completely flabbergasted I had never really had an eye exam (except one).
During that exam, I realized I need glasses. 
At least ones to see things far away (does that make me near-sighted or far-sighted?)
He also told me I have an astigmatism.
I talked to a co-worker of mine who told me that's what happens sometimes when you have children.
So, not only did my kids give me (many) gray hairs, extra rolls in unsightly places, thinner enamel on my teeth (6 cavities last visit), and saggier skin in also unsightly places, but they have also stolen my eye sight!
Admittedly, I am excited about it.
It feels like I'm apart of this once seemingly exclusive club.
I'm not blind, but I now can justify buying those stylish little frames!
And I think they look pretty darn cute on me!
Check me out!
Now, I don't have to wear them all the time, just when I need to see things far away, reading a computer screen, and night driving, so it's perfect for me.
So those you in the glasses club, please welcome your newest member!


Amber Lee said...

Me too- I just wear them when I drive. You do look darn cute in those glasses!

Pants said...

you look great in glasses, Jackie! fun.