Monday, April 23

Evanston DMV

The Evanston DMV is like no other DMV I've ever been to.
In Phoenix, the DMVs (or MVDs) are loud, crowded, smelly, full of annoyed/crotchety people you can literally feel their hatred of you oozing out of them. 
In Evanston, its one giant beautiful building (it doubles as the county municiple building), full of war memorials decorating the courtyard areas.  You walk right up to someone and instantly helped (?!?!).  The nice people working there smile at you, and give you absolutely no guff for registering a car in your husband's name (who's at work) and even give your child toys and candy. 
Maybe they're so nice because some people have to drive a looooong way to get there?
Either way, pleasant memories!

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