Wednesday, July 27

I Did It, I Did It, I Did It, Hooray!

We had been talking about it for weeks.
The day finally came, and we did it!
T's cousin, Libby, invited us to do a relay triathlon with her this last weekend.
We'd decided T would do the swimming, Libby would do the biking, and I would do the running.
I tried to run as much a could before the race, at least to feel somewhat prepared.
T did nothing, as usual.
Then, two days before we were supposed to do this thingy, 
Preston (who has been staying with us for the past few weeks) decided he wanted to do the whole thing by himself. 
No. Training. At. All.
The day came.
 I was nervous, but excited.
 It was so much fun!!
The boys did great, I was especially impressed with how well Preston did, and now we're all talking about doing it again next year!
I'm so glad I did it, and who knows?
Maybe next year, I might do the whole thing!

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Melissa said...

AWESOME!!! Good for you guys! :)