Saturday, January 16

Water Baby?

Our baby's umbilical cord fell off! You know what that means?


I thought babies were supposed to hate baths... Maybe it was a fluke, maybe he was feeling tired or maybe he was reminiscing about being in the womb again, but I do know for certain baby J seemed to enjoy his very first bath!

First, we stripped him down and he gave us a 'this is different' look. Once we got him in the nice, warm water, and he just sat there, looking around.

I thought to myself, 'he'll start fussing for sure when we wash his hair'. I got the shampoo on his scalp, lathered up and scrubbed. Before I finished rinsing the soap out, this is what happened:

Maybe he thought it was a scalp massage?

I'm not too confident he will keep this up, he is a boy afterall...


Melissa said...

Carter fell asleep during his first bath too! Look how cute baby J is! Awwww... you guys are doing great!

Steven and Chelsea said...

HAHA!!! Jackie I love it!! Didn't you write a post about you and/or T are able to fall asleep in the weirdest places? Maybe you passed it on to baby J?!

Grammy Suzzy said...

Jackie...just enjoy that he loves it! He won't want to be stinky until he's a scout!!! (just ask you dad and mom!) I used to love it when their cord fell off. Then, Dad would take them in the tub with him! Somehow, he would hold them more securely than I could and they just loved being able to kick and swim! It was something that HE could do..hard when you have a nursing baby!