Tuesday, December 15

Sarah's Wedding

Isn't crazy how much time flies? Sarah and I have known each other for a long time. We might have known each other sooner, but it was fourth grade we became really aware of each other. Sarah and I were in the same group for our school's lip sync contest. We were backup 'singers' to the song "My Guy". We didn't win, but I do remember thinking, 'this girl is REALLY funny!'.

We didn't become good friends until probably 7th grade. We spent the majority of junior high being silly, talking about boys, and laughing A LOT. She was/is such a good person; she pushed me to do better.

After 8th grade, my family moved, and we went to different high schools. We didn't see each other as much as we would have liked. We still did stuff together, but as time went on, we sort of drifted apart. Sarah and I still kept in touch.

We both graduated from high school, went on to pursue degrees in elementary education, she going to NAU, and I ASU. She finished her degree much sooner than I, for my college journey had a few pit stops along the way... She actually went back to teach at our old elementary school, which I think is so cool! I have so many wonderful memories of that place.

This December, I got the opportunity to attend her wedding. So beautiful! She looked elegant and happy. I was so grateful I was there to celebrate with her. She is such a wonderful person; she deserves all the happiness she can get her hands on. Her husband seems like a wonderful man who will take good care of her. She looked so in love, and ready to share her life with this man. Good luck Sarah!

Has so much time gone by that Sarah and I are both married? How did we go from skinny grade schoolers to married women teaching skinny grade schoolers?

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