Sunday, November 8

The First One

Embarrassingly, I haven't been doing such a good job preparing for the baby to come. Who knew my first year of teaching would be so time consuming? (This is a joke considering every teacher, including my dad, has told me the first year is the most time-consuming stressful year. So, in reality, I knew.) The work week is a waste; all I talk/think about is work, and my mind is mush. I can barely word sentences correctly, let alone think clearly. My weekends are a waste, because all I want to do is relax and turn off my brain. So, when my work wanted to throw me a baby shower, I was all too willing!

There are actually 2 other co-workers who are having babies around the same time I am, so it was a joint baby shower. The 'sunshine club', aka: party planning committee, set the whole thing up. They had it on a Thurday afternoon (we have half-days on Thursdays, so can spend the rest of the day planning/being in meetings), so most employees were able to attend. Even some of the guys showed up! We ate cake (they probably came for the cake), played some baby games (which the fellas teamed up and WON), and opened gifts. I received some very nice/useful things, which I am oh so grateful for! One teacher, who is on my grade level gave me a two month supply of diapers and wipes! Thank you Carol! I'm so grateful for the caring, thoughtful people out there. It's nice to know people, besides your family, are looking out for you!

Something I learned: if you decide not to find out the sex, people tend to give you more useful items, like baby soap, lotion, nail clippers, etc, because it can be difficult to find cute unisex baby clothes. Boy or Girl, the baby obviously needs those things. So, there are plus sides to not finding out, mom, Grandma, all my aunts, and Samantha!

They did take some pictures at the baby shower, but I don't think I'll get them for awhile. Teachers have a million and one things they need to do first!

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Brooke said...

I think its great you did not want to know the gender of your baby. How exciting. You look great Jac and look like you have a "glow".