Thursday, November 5

Here's the Thing...

I think T and I make a good couple. Our personalities are similar in very important ways. We're both pretty easy going (although, I have to admit I'm the uptight one in the relationship, which goes to show just how relaxed T is, because I have NEVER been considered the uptight one in ANY situation), we both are very sensitive individuals, and we both tend to keep to ourselves. We've been going at this marriage thing for almost years, and it seems so far to work for us.

One thing we both share, however, sometimes gets us into trouble: we're both terribly spontaneous. We talk about it briefly, whatever we want to do, and then in an instant, we do it. This would explain why we got married after 6 weeks of dating and 6 weeks of engagement. This personality trait works out well for us sometimes (I'd like to think the marriage thing worked out) and sometimes, it does not. Luckily, only the small spontaneous things haven't worked out for us. The following is a story from our latest endeavor.

Monday Night:
I'm making dinner, and T is singing (this is typical, for T loves to sing). He starts singing Phantom of the Opera songs. I'm ignoring him; he is ALWAYS singing something. Realizing Phantom of the Opera is being performed at Gammage (on ASU campus, 3 miles away) this whole month, T nonchalantly says, 'We should go see Phantom of the Opera'. Thinking this is a good idea, I get immediately get online and look up showtimes. We would have gone that night, but performances didn't start until Wednesday. I'll give you one guess when we went.

Wednesday night, we were on our way to go see the show.

I learned a couple of things that night. I learned a lot has changed since I've been in college. For one, the areas around ASU have been built up so much, especially on Apache Blvd.! Though, we only live 3 miles away, I guess I forgot how long it's been since we've ventured over there. Secondly, a lot has changed about myself since I've been in school: I have a full-time job, I'm pregnant, and I think I'm more mature. I was looking at some of the college kids attending the play, and thought to myself, 'Wow! I'm so not like that anymore!' That, and I also learned I shouldn't go to things that end later than 9:30 pm on a school night. I feel it in the morning. The next evening, I had to take a nap!

Phantom is a great play, and I certainly suggest you go see it if you can. The music, as expected, was amazing! It was fun breaking out of our normal routine on a Wednesday: T going to church meetings and me half-asleep watching America's Next Top Model.

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Nat said...

That is a great picture of both of you. I love it.