Wednesday, October 14


After a VERY long/boring ride, we finally made it to San Francisco! I was worried about our car, due to the fact I'm cursed when it comes to vehicles. Lucky for us, we only had a flat tire. Boy, was that tire shredded though! Lucky for us, my mom is anal when it comes to being prepared, so all the necessary supplies were there, including a tire (not a donut). Also, T is a whiz when it comes to changing flat tires; he's had a lot of practice. With all this luck, it was quickly fixed and were back on our way in no time.

We got into the city, and it was like a different world. Downtown was very different from any other town I'd seen before! On all the streets, turning left is illegal, so T had to be very creative when it came to finding our hotel, which meant lots of right turns. T had to transform into a shrewd/aggressive driver for if he didn't, we'd still be there, waiting for someone to let us into the turning lane. After getting lost several times, we finally made it to our hotel. We're cheap, so the location wasn't exactly in the best of neighborhoods, but it was close to the theater. Which was nice, considering T is DID NOT want to drive in that crazy city any more than he had to!

We checked into the hotel, got cleaned up, and hurried out the door to go see Wicked! T was walking kind of briskly because he wanted to give us enough time to find the place, get our tickets, and get settled. I had some trouble keeping up with his pace, so it was a good thing we found it quickly, and it wasn't too far a walk. I definitely walked quicker on the walk back to our hotel after the play was over because like I said before we weren't in the best of neighborhoods, and things looked a little shady.

The play was so good! We didn't have the best of seats, but it didn't matter! Everything was done so well! Elphaba was amazing! T and I both thought she stole the show; her voice was amazing. Glinda was excellent, too. We thought she did a good job at being the comic relief. The Orpheum Theater there in San Francisco was very majestic. It was built in 1926, and holds about 2,000 people. Oh, it was a beautiful building inside! We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the theater, but I wish I could have. All that driving was definitely worth it to see this play, in that gorgeous playhouse. I hope to go back someday.

After the play, we walked back to our hotel and went promptly to sleep. I was very tired, and no doubt T was exhausted as well. We went to sleep, dreaming of all the things we were going to do in San Francisco the next day.

More Coming Later...

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remember when we went to the best/worst ballet in the world and saw Jesus?