Friday, September 25

What a Week!

Whew! Talk about a crazy week! The first quarter is coming to an end (already?!), which means standardized tests and parent-teacher conferences. This was standardized test week (basically the kids are expected to take an hour and a half test everyday for the whole week), and next week is conferences.

This week was very trying for me. Who knew students taking tests all week, which means LESS planning for me, is actually MORE difficult in the long run? I've learned just like adults, taking too many tests in a short period of time makes kids go crazy.

Lately, I've been feeling myself getting really angry at the kids. The past couple of days have put me over the edge, and I've been teetering on the brink of some kind of full blown meltdown. We had this really great professional development training about how it's important to remain calm when you start to get upset.

The reason why is because once you start raising your voice in your class, a number of things will happen. One, it's only a temporary fix, and if you start doing it all the time, they will become immune to it and then soon be the only way to get their attention. Two, they will perk up because you are yelling, but they won't listen to you. The only thing they're thinking is "I'm getting yelled at, I want it to stop." So, I learned some really great strategies to help me become a more patient, positive, and understanding teacher.

I'm nervous for next week, conference week, because over half of the parents I need to meet with do not speak any English. Thankfully, T will be able to come and help me translate. I can speak Spanish ok, but T is much better at comprehending what they say back. It should be ok! I'm trying to remain positive.

Also! This week I received my first baby gift!* One of my students, Luisa gave it to me. Luisa has the nicest family! Her mom works as a custodian at the school, and whenever I see her, she says, "And how is your baby?" It was so cute! I was taking the kiddos out to the bus depot, at the end of the day and Luisa's little brother, sister, and mom came running up to Luisa once she exited my classroom. Her brother was carrying a big bag, and saying something to Luisa. They then all came running up to me. All the children were talking at once, so it was difficult to understand at first, but eventually I understood. For this wonderful family to think enough to spend their hard earned money on me, really means something.

*Please don't judge me! This is actually the first baby item I have gotten so far (this includes anything I have bought with our own money). I guess I just don't have the time/know where to begin. Like I said, don't judge!


Brooke said...

Love the cute new outfit. Super sweet of that family.

Trish the dish said...

I remember the very first baby thing I got. It was Nick's baby blessing outfit. Actually his mom gave it to me before I got pregnant. But it was still so exciting to open and think that one day I might have a baby to dress in it. And now we have one on the way! Hurray!

Steven and Chelsea said...

Jackie!! Can I throw you a baby shower?