Thursday, October 1

To Whom It May Concern:


If you are not going to come to your child's parent/teacher conference after you specifically told me you were going to come and me reminding you for a week, please call and make an attempt to reschedule. I don't think it's necessarily in my job description to call you, track you down, and try to make you feel guilty about not showing up. By the way, I've been here since 7 AM, and now it's 7 PM, waiting for you to not show up. No offense, but you should at least pretend to be interested in how your child is doing in school. You know what? Never mind. Take all the offense you want, I'm tired!

Thank you,
One Mrs. Tired, Pregnant, Over-worked and Underpaid Isom


Trish the dish said...

It is awesome that you are able to work full time through your pregnancy. I feel like mine affects my emotions so much as well as my analytical thinking skills that I'm not a very effective employee. Hopefully this crazy emotional/mental state will end when the baby comes out!

allison said...

ya that totally stinks. And ya, they need to be offended, or kicked in the head or something! Way to stick it out.