Tuesday, September 22

Rhyming Poems

This week in writing class, we've been learning about/writing poems. It has actually been pretty entertaining for me, because some of these kids have some pretty good/creative writing skills. Today we learned about rhyming poems, following the ABABCCC pattern. This one is my favorite.

I went to bed.
I started dreaming.
I fell off the bed and hit my head.
After, I suddenly started screaming.
I woke everybody up.
My parents brought me a cup.
My brother just said, "sup."


Trish the dish said...

That must be the rewarding thing about being an English teacher. (Getting to read poems written by emotionally crazed adolescents who are grammatically challenged.) I'd strive for such a career but never would get past all the required novel reading for the degree.

Melissa and Kyle said...

The stories about the kids you teach crack me up. My favorite with this one is the use of the word "sup". :)