Wednesday, September 9

No Laboring For Us!

It's been around 5 weeks; I have gotten NO break from work. I knew my first year of teaching would be time consuming, but I didn't anticipate the fatigue. It kinda feels like no matter how much sleep I get, I'm still super tired. I know I'm pregnant, but I should have at least a little more energy.

This Labor Day, I really wanted to do it right. I wanted to celebrate, because I have another 3 or 4 weeks until Winter Break (which I am also really looking forward to). We started our day by going to this restaurant in Phoenix called Over Easy. My dad saw the place on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Remember my goal?

Anyway, it's this really crazy place that's only open for breakfast. It was really crowded, and there was no waiting area. So, we had to settle for standing in the shade under a lamp post. Let me explain: this restaurant obviously used to be an old Taco Bell. You can tell where the old drive-thru window used to be and the seating was very limited. Imagine a Taco Bell fast food converted into a restaurant, obviously it's not going to be super spacious. It was worth all the wait! If you decide to go there I would highly suggest the banana pecan french toast. They were to die for! T could NOT stop eating them (they were mine, so I had to fight to keep them in from of me). So good!

Later, we went to the Arizona Science Center. I haven't been there since my prom, and T has never been there. The science center is this place (usually for children) full of hands-on science experiments. It was actually really fun! There were lots of kiddos there, but it was fun to learn new things on a child's level. It makes it easier! I know there's not a whole lot to do in downtown Phoenix, but I always enjoy being down there. I'm not sure if I can pinpoint why, but I do.

This is T in the shower at the science center. It was one of the exhibits there. I, of course, made him pose in the shower, and some lady behind me said, "Wash your hair!"

All in all, it was a really fun day, and I think it mellowed me out for the next couple of weeks. I went into this week with a much better attitude than I would have if I didn't do something that day. Besides, I love weeks when we don't have school on Monday. The week goes by super fast. I mean, it's already Thursday!

Funny story: Before going to the science center, T and I went into a grocery store downtown to pick up some stuff and left the top down on our car. It's my parents car, so please don't think we're fancy/rich enough to have a convertible. As a joke, I locked the doors. Obviously, it's not going to matter because the top's down.

We get back into the car, unlock the doors and get in. All of a sudden, the car alarm goes off! At first, I didn't think it was ours, but I quickly realized it was definitely us! It is my parents car, so we didn't know how to turn it off. I called my parents, and their response was, "There's a car alarm on that car?" So, we had to drive around with the car alarm blaring for a good 5 minutes until we got to a neighborhood, and figured it out. It was really embarrassing; we ended up putting the top up because we didn't want people to see our faces!


Trish the dish said...

Oh, how embarrassing! I think that car alarms aren't as helpful these days because most of the time they go off when someone accidentally sets them off (usually the owner or their friend) and can't figure how to turn it off. But maybe it is just that feeling of security that some people go for.
Anyway, I think your fatigue is pretty normal. It will be worse if your body gets any kind of infection though (like a yeast infection, I had one). So just take super good care of yourself!

Aubrey said...

hahah my parents convertible does that too, freaked me out sooo bad until i finally figured out how not to set it off. I love the science center too! Haven't been there since elementary school...maybe its time to take a road trip!