Friday, February 27

A New Goal...

In Sacrament meeting on Sunday, the speaker (actually our Stake President) spoke to us about being faithful. He gave us a promise. If we went to the temple every week for six weeks, we would be blessed and able to find the solution to our troubles. Not to say our troubles are colossal, but we have our fair share. What married, young adults don't, right? So, we've decided to take part in the challenge. We went last week, so we have one week down already!
I love going to the temple for a couple of reasons. The feeling of serenity engulfs you! It's like all of the problems you face in your day to day life simply melts away. Another reason I love it there is because everyone is so friendly. Never have I seen so many smiling faces in one building before!
Also, you learn something every time you go there. Last week, I learned Satan is the one who enables us to feel insecure about our bodies. The Lord loves us no matter what we look like. Of course, we should be striving to improve ourselves, but improvement does not mean feeling embarrassed, ashamed, or any kind of self-loathing. That is all brought on by the adversary.
Lastly, I LOVE watching the brides. Never have I been more obsessed with weddings than I am now! I don't know what's come over me. Before I got married, I pretty much went to weddings for the free cake. Even during my own getting married process (i.e. trying on wedding dresses, picking out invitations, deciding on colors, etc), I was still pretty disinterested. Within the past year, weddings and anything wedding related have become my addiction. I just can't get enough!
Back to what I was originally saying, T and I know we will be blessed for our dedication to this new goal.


Tricia and Nick said...

What a great goal! Your skirt looks really cute in that picture!

Summer said...

hey did you sing Be Still My Soul at Micha's baptism? I love this version! I miss you!

Melissa said...

I LOVE that picture of you guys!