Tuesday, December 30

Our Christmas Events

We got the opportunity to spend Christmas with T's family in Southern Idaho. It was refreshing for me, since I don't usually get to experience a white Christmas. The idea I enjoyed the most was once Christmas was over, we got to return to Phoenix, with our 60 degree weather. It was sure nice to enjoy the snow, but not have to live in it! No offense to those who live in snowy places! Throughout the duration of our trip, there were so many moments worth blogging about. Instead of writing a huge long crazy blog about everything, I have just created a countdown of the top moments of our vacation. This blog entry is going to be long, anyway!
17. Giving our gifts to each other early. I couldn't wait to see the look on T's face! T got The Office season 3 on DVD(we're fanatics!) and The Dark Knight (T is a fanatic). I got a gym membership.
16. Eating at this AMAZING (and pricey) restaurant in Logan called Hamilton's. T got a gift certificate from when he bought my wedding ring. So good!
15.Pulling our nephews from the back of the four wheeler.
14. Going to my brothers-in-law basketball game. I have FINALLY been able to tell them apart!
13. Hangin' with T's family, and the babies!
12. The Isom family Christmas party and my family came, too!
11.The Isom family trivia game. It was so FUN!
10. Grandpa Rich (my father-in-law) reading Luke 2.
9 Watching Grandpa Rich put this on.
8. Getting all the Isom siblings together (not an easy task).
7. Enjoying all those new babies! There were four born this year. The babies in this picture are being held by their namesakes.
6. Enjoying the snowy weather, there was a lot!
5. Seeing the Christmas lights at the Gateway and Temple Square.
4. Sleigh riding/caroling in Pegram on Christmas Eve.
3. Just hanging around Christmas morning.
2. Celebrating our first anniversary in Las Vegas, and going to my favorite restaurant, Bahama Breeze. There used to be a few in Phoenix, but they have all closed down. As a result, any time we go to Vegas we have to go there at least once.
1. Spending our first Christmas together.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope you all have a fabulous New Year. 2009, here we come!


Tricia and Nick said...

Looks like fun! I totally know what you mean about coming back to 60 degree weather! Gotta love it!

allison said...

oh, I absolutely ADORE your husband's family! I got see Rich the other day, but that was it! And the twins, they're growing up like crazy! I'm glad you got to experience an Isom Christmas, they are fun. And Happy Anniversary!

Melissa and Kyle said...

Looks like your Christmas was success! I love caroling on a horse drawn wagon, we used to do that in Grantsville too with my family, until the horses wrecked into a telephone pole and my dad taught my little cousins some new four letter words. :)

Melissa said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! (Which is pretty normal for you two!) His family looks like they are so much fun! Happy Anniversary! Happy New Year! (And if there is a bun in the oven some time in the future, I would LOVE to throw you a party! I love parties!!)

Nat said...

So fun! And little Owen made the blog 3 times! We are honored. It was so fun to have you guys around for the season. And thanks for staying at our place. I'm loving your hair in that last picture of you and T--the #1 countdown. Good hair day. ;)