Monday, July 28

Our Logan Summer

This summer has been pretty transitional for me since this is the first summer we've been married, we are currently living with T's brother so we spend a lot of time with his family up here, and I'm graduating in the fall. (Finally and yay!) To me, it feels like this is my last summer of freedom. The following summers will be spent on grown-up jobs with benefits, insurance packages and 401Ks. My free time will be full with summer school, district meetings and screaming babies (hopefully, that will be in a few more summers). Sadly, our stay in Logan is quickly drawing to an end. Since this is kind of the last summer of my 'youth', I thought I should commemorate it.
MY Favorate Things About Logan

1. The weather!

I LOVE Utah summers! Sure, it gets hot sometimes, but thats when you jump in a pool or a lake or river. Phoenix is very hot. It is too hot to go outside and barbeque (Are you kidding? Why would you want to get it MORE hot?) Anything that is unable to be done with an air conditioner is impossible to do in a Phoenix summer. There are swimming places, but most of those places are ridiculously crowded, or it is like swimming in bath water.

2. The scenery!

Ever since I was a little girl, I love the scene from Beauty and the Beast, where Belle looks out into a vast green field. She feels the wind on her face, and collapes on soft, green grass. She rolls around a bit before she is done singing. Due to this scene, I have become obsessed with soft grass and rolling around in it. I consider this particular scene my 'happy place'. Unfortunately,
there is no such place in Phoenix. The only real 'grass' there is basically weeds just crowded together. It is so rough and hard, I literally get a rash if I try to roll around in it (believe me, I have tried). In Logan, the grass is so wonderfully soft. I don't think I could dream of softer grass. I will absolutely miss feeling the grass between my toes.

3. The small town mentality

In P-town, it is always go, go go. It seems like there isn't a real personal touch on anything. When there are so many people living in one area, the mentality is more quantity than quality'. I love that Logan is so relaxed. I love that when people walk into a restaurant, they greet at least 2 or 3 other tables before getting sat themselves. I also love the laid back attitude that most people have. This makes my job as a server easier as well.

Now I know it sounds like I have been bashing Phoenix over and over again. In reality, I love it there, too! I basically grew up there and pretty much everything I know is there. I am excited to go home and be with my family. I am excited to begin another chapter in my life with T. It is excitng and scary all at the same time, but it will be an adventure; that is the only thing I care about.

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