Wednesday, July 23

An Appreciation for Arizona Summer

I know, that sounds a little weird, coming from me. Especially since I make it a point to be away from Phoenix for as much time as I can in the summertime. I am the first one to tell you that summers in P-town blow like Wyoming wind.
However, the other night, the room we were sleeping in was so hot! So, we decided to open the door in that room that opens to the patio. I was very pleasant, so we kept it open all night. In the morning, T got up early, as usual to go to work, while I kept sleeping. Since the door was open, the mosquitos started to come in.
Again, if anyone knows me, mosquitoes love me. If mosquitos had an exclusive party, I'd be the first one invited. Anyway, I woke up that morning and found they had bitten me, like 12 times on my face! Oh, the bites always blow up to ten times their size on me, too. So, I basically looked like Frankenstein's creation. On one of my eyes, I had been bitten to the point where it looked like I had a black eye. It was all swollen and red. I am not going to post any pictures, but I hope you get the idea.
Maybe you are asking, why does this make you appreciate Arizona summers? Well, the heat is so horrible, I would rather eat broken glass then stick around. Fortunately, the bugs feel the same way. With the exception of scorpions and cockroaches, they are not really any bugs around during the hottest part of the summer. In a way, I miss that because I don't have to worry about insect repellent or looking like the elephant man. Ok, so I guess there are some goods things about horribly hot weather...

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Tricia and Nick said...

How funny! I haven't noticed a lot of mosquito bites here in TX either since it has been so hot. I heard that eating bananas makes mosquitos like you more.