Thursday, July 10

4th of July celebration!

I'm just going to catch up on what has been going on with us, so here it goes. We celebrated the fourth up here in Logan. It was so fun! I LOVE fourth of July in Utah. I'm sorry to disrespect my home territory, but Fourth of July celebrations BLOW in Phoenix. It is too dang hot to do anything then. If there was any kind of parade, I am pretty sure peoples' shoes would melt to the pavement. That, and any and ALL fireworks are completely illegal. Never would I ever see people lighting off fireworks because you would get fined something terrible. Needless to say, I go ballistic when I get to light/watch fireworks. In Logan, they light off fireworks on the third. They have a big show, and then they light them off accompanied to music. It was so fun. This is actually the starting point of the Isom family get together. The next day, all the Isom's got together and had some fun. We did a little shooting. Not me, I just launched the clay pigeons. Then, we had some fun the KARAOKE MACHINE! Oh man! That was nuts! I thought that part was hilarious. It was also really nice to get to know T's family a little bit better. I love Utah summer!!


allison said...

oh my gosh that is such a classic Isom family song! And Carol and Janice in the background...I love it!

Tricia and Nick said...

I wish I had been elsewhere for the 4th too! It was not very fun pretending to celebrate it here! All we did was have an early pancake breakfast at the Deerfield ward church and then clean the church!