Sunday, April 7


Going to Pegram is always a treat, especially for JW. 
He just LOVES his grandparents (on both sides).
In fact, he loves them SO much I kind of dread visiting because the trek home consists of JW screaming bloody murder about how he wants to go back.
(The screaming might also be because he gets practically no sleep;  he does not want to miss one moment of the fun).
This last time in Pegram was no different.
In fact, it was even MORE fun for him because Ben and Laney came down from Idaho with their three boys and little girl.
He just loves those boys so much, and enjoyed all the craziness that comes with boys.
(Side note: Their little girl (almost 2) was so cute with Richie!  She kept trying to give him his bottle, wanting to hold, give him kisses, pat his head, and smiling at him whenever she walked by.)
I got some funny pictures of him jumping on the tramp. 

T and I had to get back that Saturday because we had to teach a class on Sunday (Temple prep teachers in the house!) We needed time to prepare.
JW was not happy about this.
We started to pull out of the driveway (while all his cousins were playing in the house, mind you.) and JW sat there, sobbing about how he wanted to go back inside.
T and I looked at each other and T said, "My dad is coming to our house tomorrow anyway, maybe JW could stay the night and come with him?"
We asked T's dad, he agreed.
We unbuckled JW and took him out of the car.
We tried to tell him we weren't going to be there with him, but he didn't care about that.  He kept saying 'bye' and walked into the house.
I think it's safe to say both T, JW, Richie and myself had a more pleasant night, thanks to that decision.

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