Sunday, January 6

5 Years

5 years ago, I knelt across from this wonderful man and said, "Yes."
Our whole wedding/engagement was such a whirlwind, such a blur.
I walked into that room where we became eternal companions, looked around at all the people who came to be apart of this special day and immediately 
I was so nervous and it was written all over my face.
The details of what happened that day are fuzzy...
when I think about that room where we made the most sacred of promises together, I remember looking into T's eyes, holding his hand oh so tightly, and leaning on him for some stability in a room that was practically spinning. 
In a way, we're still doing that. 
I'm still looking into his eyes.
I'm still holding his hand, and I'm still leaning on him for some stability in a world where time is passing way too fast.
He gives me strength, patience, understanding, acceptance, support, and guidance.
He is my example.
And as I sit here, he sits with our oldest son, watching Madagascar for the hundredth time because JW wanted to cuddle with him. 
Oh my, I love this man.

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