Friday, September 21


I've been having the most delightful mornings lately. 
With there being a chill in the air, Richie ends up in bed with me to keep warm.
He really doesn't like being cold (though he hardly fusses about it).
I will start to feel some rustling coming from the other side of the bed, so I'll groggily roll over and adjust my eyes enough to see this beautiful boy.
Bright-eyed and smiley (as least a 7 week olds version of smiling).
John Wayne usually wakes up an hour later than Richie and I, so I've been relishing in our own special morning time together.
It is the perfect start to my day.
Unfortunately, it is followed by about 3 1/2 hours of John Wayne whining about where his father is, when he will be home, and trying to talk his way out of not going to daycare.
As much as I love my oldest child, I think we've entered not the only new baby rebellion but also the terrible twos stage and he's exhibiting it through whining (and lots of it). 

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Amber said...

You have the most beautiful way of describing YOUR Motherhood. I love it! Your boys are sooo adorable!