Saturday, July 28

38 Weeks-ish?

This is me just prior to 38 weeks.
I'm a little angry at how fast this summer has gone.
I cannot believe it's the end of July!
I aslo can't believe how big I am to the side.
When I look down, or check myself out in a passing mirror/window, I think, "I'm not that big."
Then, I look at these pictures.
I am really sticking out there.
How is my body handling that weight?
Things are getting close now, and I'm looking forward to the end.
Do I feel prepared to have another baby?
Am I ready for a newborn and all the wonderful craziness that comes with it?
Heck, no!
Am I done being pregnant?
Am I done with my aching joints and unability to sleep?
So, bring on the baby!

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