Tuesday, June 5

Memorial Day in Parts (2)

The next day, we headed on over to Moab.
We drove through town a little bit, visited our campsite for the night (which wasn't exactly 'roughing it', right in the middle of town, actually next to the grocery store), then went straight over to Arches National Park to visit all the beautiful arches.
Talk about crowded!
It reminds me of my Yellowstone days, where 1,000s of people would watch Old Faithful go off, and we would wait in anticipation for the crowds to come piling in. 
It was beautiful nonetheless.
The day started off rather breezy, which was perfect once we started doing some hiking.
  Due to the crowds, we only hiked one trail this day (and it wasn't even the main trail, since parking was impossible).
We hiked up to a viewpoint to see Delicate Arch.
Not the actual hike to Delicate Arch, though.
 Our boy did so well on this hike!
He climbed and climbed mostly by himself (and where I thought it safe).
He kept saying "Come on, Mommy!  Come on Daddy!"
Like we were dragging him behind!
I really enjoyed the views.
 Yes, they did scare me to death, but I couldn't deny their beauty!
We then went on a driving trail just outside Moab.
Drving trails are good/bad for me.
It's like hiking without all that walking, but it's much more bumpy, and my belly does NOT like bumpy!
Either way, it was beautiful!
This is Gemini Bridge, talk about amazing!
Scary, but amazing!

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