Tuesday, June 12

It's Begun!

We're officially starting potty training.
(I wanted to give my boy all of individual attention, so I waited until school was out.)
I think it's going pretty well.
When I read about it on the internet, it said kids might have a hard time going potty in the toilet the first few days.
John Wayne must have been ready because he had gone in the potty several times before we made it all official.
He's doing as well as a two and a half year could be expected to do.
He's smart and he catches on pretty quickly, so I'm thinking we'll be accident free within the next few weeks (not counting nighttime)!
Wish us luck!

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Aubrey said...

The first 3 days are the hardest- but don't give up- the fourth day gets better, and better from there! I have heard boys are harder to train than girls (though it sounds like John Wayne is doing pretty good!) good luck! Don't give up and be patient with accidents! You won't be doing laundry forever :)