Saturday, May 21

Patience is a Virtue

The other day we had a blizzard.
I don't want to talk about it.
My new mentality: if you act like it's summer, the weather will follow suit.
Hence, John Wayne and I have been taking some walks.
It's cold, and my baby is bundled up, but we are doing it.
I really hope the weather clears up.
I can't stand one more day being cooped up in the house.
This is the face he made after seeing his dad coming home from a long day of work.
I think it's pretty obvious how much my little boy loves his dad.


Pants said...

I love his hair.

Aubrey said...

i would die for cold weather right is scorching in glendale right now. John is sooo adorable!

Steven and Chelsea said...

You are way better than me. I always just lay in bed and do nothing all day when it snows past April 15th. And those pics of John are SOOOOOOOo cute!