Monday, December 28

Christmas 2009

Christmas was so great this year! We ended up spending it with my family.

Richard and Joie got the chance to come down from Colorado, so the whole gang was together again.

T, Jack and I stayed at my parent's house on Christmas Eve. We didn't have a place for Jack to stay, so he slept in a drawer, he didn't seem to mind.

The baby was a BIG hit! Throughout our entire stay, I don't think he got put down once.

We did our typical traditions: eating homemade monkey bread my mom made while chatting, opening our homemade Christmas stockings first, passing out the gifts, opening them one by one, getting a little too excited for everyone to open the gifts they gave (ok just me) and finally finding a nice comfortable place to crash for a few hours. These traditions have stayed the same for years. As the years go by, the only difference has been what time we start our Christmas traditions. Nowadays, sleep tends to take priority over Christmas (especially with a new baby, if he's asleep I can barely keep my eyes open). In our home, Christmas is about slowing down and remembering the blessings in our lives. I think our family really does Christmas well...

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Amber said...

Jackie- I know that you don't know me.
I grew up with T - Amber (Ward) Lee...Your sweet baby is adorable. I just love that T is a Daddy.
And you, you are so pretty. T is pretty lucky that he snatched you up!
Love your blog!