Thursday, December 3

Black Friday Activities

After my mom, Preston, T and I went out black Friday shopping (which was NUTS, by the way), we all took naps. After waking up, Samantha and I started watching some sort of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives marathon on the Food Network. On one of the episodes, a pizza joint in Downtown Glendale was featured. It looked so good! We decided we were going to go. Later that night, Samantha, her friend Alicia, T and I ventured down there to check it out. Little did we know, it was the opening night of the Christmas festival, Glendale Glitters.

It was crazy packed! On top of everything, the wait at the restaurant was over an hour. We walked (more like sifted) through the crowd, found all the food stands, ate gyros and ice cream, and went home. My goal is to still go to that pizza place, when it's not so crowded.

Isn't funny how you set out on an adventure, and end up on an entirely different one? That's the fun of sponaniety!

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Trish the dish said...

Sounds like you weren't the only person who was watching the Food Network that day!