Saturday, October 31

What to be? What to be?

We haven't gotten into the Halloween spirit this year. Last year, we at least made pictures and carved pumpkins. This year, Halloween just snuck up on us. Next year, we will have a reason to get into the Halloween spirit. We will have a little one to dress up. Now, all I got to do is learn how to sew until then!

For my work, I figured I did want to dress up, but as what? I wanted to be comfortable, the costume to fit, and to not spend any money. This proves to be limiting. So, I did the easiest thing I could think of. I threw on T's scrubs, and went as a doctor. Problem solved! Except for trying to keep my pants up all day!

One girl in my class brought in cookies. It was so sweet because she had written everyone's name in icing on their cookie. She even made one for T! He has come into my class a few times for one reason or another, and the kids seems to really like him. They like it when I tell stories about him, and whenever I'm not looking, they ask him to show them his muscles. They call him 'Mr. T'. It's hard describe what the last day of school before Halloween is like. All I know is, I'm glad it happens only once a year. Now, I get to find out what school before Thanksgiving, and Winter break is like now!

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