Saturday, May 23

Field Trip and Skate Zone!

School is coming to an end and you know what that means: field trips and field day! We still have school next week, but in my opinion, it will be a little anti-climatic since all the fun activities were done this week.

On Thursday, we had our Field Day. Unfortunately, the ONLY cloudy, rainy, muggy day out of the entire year happens to fall on Field Day, so the kids (and myself) were pretty cold. There were many water activities so the kids got really wet, which made them even more cold. Looking on the bright side though, no one got sunburned or collapsed from heat exhaustion (which would have probably happened if the day had been like the past couple of weeks).

There was a guy from the fire department dousing everyone he could reach (including myself) with a water hose.

I was so cold near the end of the day, my fingers were blue.

Friday was the fifth grade field trip. We went to Skate Zone, this roller skating rink near the school. The place seemed to be an old warehouse of some kind. The kids really enjoyed themselves, and sadly, I didn't take any pictures...

I didn't participate because the last time I went roller skating, I broke my hand, but it sure was funny to watch those kiddos! Apparently, half the grade had never skated before (which is totally bizarre to me because before I broke my hand, I lived in my skates) so I was VERY entertained watching them try to skate.

Pillars sat in the middle of rink, and most of the kids at first held on to those pillars for dear life! After about an hour or so, most of them got the hang of it. Except for this one kid, he probably fell 30 times! I do have to give him props for not giving up, though.

I am totally ready for school to be over, and to start enjoying my summer break! T and I have a few vacations planned, but for the most part, we staying in Phoenix. Can you say, 'I will kill someone if it gets any hotter'?


Trish the dish said...

It's been raining here a lot too! I'm loving the rain, though! I means I don't have to water the grass myself! It seems like rain is imminent every weekend!

Melissa said...

How fun!!!