Thursday, April 2

Make your feet your friend. ~J.M. Barrie

It has been a pretty slow couple of weeks. The kids are getting tested for AIMS next week (thanks goodness and finally!); we've been prepping them for the past two weeks which has seemed like forever. It is boring stuff! I hope they remember as least SOME of what we went over because these test scores are REALLY important to what happens to the school.

The school needs to have a certain percentage of kids pass it, and if they don't the school will lose funding. With the economy going the way it is, this is NOT a good thing because we have so little funding to begin with. Where is this Obama money and who is it going to? All I know is it's not coming here.

T has also got a pretty steady job now. He works for a company that delivers bouncy castles to various social gatherings around the valley. These 'social gatherings' include but are not limited to: carnivals, birthday parties, business get togethers, and bachelor parties. Sounds like a fun bachelor party to me!

Since his work schedule is much different from mine, we have less time together than we would like. Not to mention we are both exhausted when we get home, so our time together is spent lying around the house, and napping. Lately, it has kind of sucked and we both have felt we are slipping into some kind of really crappy rut.

This week, we thought it best to get out and see the sites around Phoenix. We both enjoy hiking (as long as it isn't too hard for me), so T has been finding various locations around Phoenix to go. It has been fun because it is like going on a mini-road trip.

We went to two places this week: the Papago Boulders and this trail around Fountain Hills.

The Papago Boulders were right near our house. The climb is kind of steep, but the view is certainly worth it!

Fountain Hills is just outside of Phoenix on the eastern side. The name Fountain Hills comes from this really neat fountain in the middle of town. I'm not exactly sure the protocol for when the fountain goes off, but we were lucky enough to see it!

The weather has been absolutely wonderful lately! I love this time of year. To all of you living in places where it is still snowing, I probably sound braggy. Well, I have two things to say to you. One, you can gloat when I'm suffering with third degree burns from my steering wheel and you're basking in refreshing 90 degree weather. Second, if you are sick of all that gross snow, maybe you are in need of a vacation. I know of this great place you can stay...

Does anyone know any other great hiking/places of interest in and around Phoenix? I'd love to hear your ideas...


Melissa and Kyle said...

That's fun that you could find good hiking places/have nice enough weather to hike without wearing snow shoes! Makes me jealous! :)

Aubrey said...

Hahah, my parents actually got engaged in Fountain Hills.

T and Jackie Isom said...

Oh, it is the perfect place for a proposal!