Friday, November 7

Recently in the classes I teach at school, I had the opportunity to teach the kids all about Veteran's Day (Veteran's Day is on November 11th). Due to this past election and what not, I have a renewed feeling of respect for these folks who fight for the freedoms we are allowed to excercise. I feel it is cause for celebration to have such dedicated men and women fighting and protecting me. I also feel extra proud this year because my grandpa is a veteran. He protected this country from its enemies, and though he did it before I was born; I reap the benefits everyday.

Today I had a unique opportunity; I not only had the chance to honor these veterans, but I also got to honor my grandfather. Today, my school had an assembly to help the kids understand/celebrate/give thanks to these fine people. The school asked to invite anyone that had or is currently serving in the military to come to the assembly. I decided to ask my grandpa because I knew the kids in my class would get a kick out of it, and I wanted to show him off.

The assembly was so nice. Every veteran there was introduced, and given a round of applause. The choir sang a beautiful patriotic song, and as a final touch, the student council handed out letters the students had made to each one of them. While my class exited the assembly, they each shook my grandpa's hand. I felt a lump in my throat, when the kids looked up at him, in awe. What a great moment I got to share with my grandpa. A special thanks goes out to T for taking all the pictures and driving all over Phoenix today. Thanks for putting up with me.
Please, support your local veterans!


Tricia and Nick said...

Oh that would be fun and very special.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jackie. Thats great that you invited him! I just finished reading one of the best book series I've ever read. Its "The Children of The Promise" by Dean Hughes. Its wonderful. ITs about a fictional family that lived during WWII, but all the events that happen are historical (actually happened). It has made me appreciate Veterans day so much more. And not just Veterans, but everyone else who lived and sacrificed brothers, fathers, cousins, uncles, etc, as well as quality of life, shortages on gas, sugar, meat, etc, during the time of the war. What an inspired holiday to honor these fine people!