Friday, October 31

Happy Haunting!

Halloween is here; we felt we still had a little bit of kid in us and needed to commemorate the event by doing the traditional things. We went to go buy pumpkins yesterday, and found a place right near our house! We actually stumbled upon it on a hunch. Now, we followed the sign that said, 'Pumpkins'. We went to the area that seemed to be the place where the pumpkins were being sold. The only problem was, there was no one around! We looked for awhile, and there were plenty of pumpkins, but it was basically deserted. We figured since it was so close to Halloween
maybe they were just giving them away. So, we took them. We fully intended on paying, but it was literally a ghost town! I will always remember this Halloween as 'the year we got our pumpkins for free.'

T has had this obsession with 'The Dark Knight' ever since we saw it in the theater, so of course, he carved the batman sign. I went the more traditional way. We had no candles, and one flashlight, so we took turns putting the one flashlight into our pumpkins. At first, I tried my cell phone, but it just didn't emit enough light! At the school, we made these cool pictures as part of the Halloween festivities, so I decided to tape them up on our window (we have no Halloween decorations, plus we are too poor and apathetic to get something decent to hang up so we are resorting to things I make with my fourth grade class.)


Nat said...

Ooh, I love the batman pumpkin! Very cool.

peachytiffers said...

Hey, those were my pumpkins and I just left them for a minute. I can't believe you stole them!! You owe me some money! :) Enjoy them free this year, because the more kids you have, the more expensive it seems to get!

Melissa and Kyle Rodemack said...

I love your pumpkins - and I think what makes me love them even more was that they were free! Very nice! :) We had to pay .29 cents a pound for ours!