Sunday, September 21

T- to the - agged!

You know you're a real blogger when: a) when you write an 'about me or us' blog and b) when someone has tagged you in their blog. So thank you, Tricia , for welcoming me in to the blogger club, this is going to be great!
And the rules are: - Link the Person who Tagged you.- Mention rules on your blog.- Tell about 6 quirks of yours.- Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same.- Leave a comment to let them know.
Here is goes!
  1. I have an unhealthy obsession with pickles. Most of you are probably thinking, 'Oh, me too, I like pickles!' Well, I don't think you understand exactly how much a need/love them. Ever since I was a little girl, my mom would buy the giant size jar of pickles. I could finish a jar by myself in 2 days. That is probably 10 or 15 pickles a day. This month alone, I think I've gone through 2 giant jars so far. I eat them so much, sometimes I make myself sick. When I had braces, the dentist told me I couldn't eat pickles because of the tough skin, so ate them, delicately cutting off the skin with a knife. Either that, or I ate them anyway; I broke a lot of brackets that way. So if you ever wanted to do something nice for me, a jar of pickles will do just fine, but make sure they are the koser kind! I'm very picky about the kind of pickle I eat.
  2. I have inside jokes with myself. You know how people have inside jokes with their friends? Well, I have them with myself. Sometimes, I'll hear something that will trigger these jokes, and I can't help but smile or laugh to myself. People will ask me, 'What are you smiling about?' I and just have to say, 'Oh, it's an inside joke.' There is no point in telling you what the jokes are because they will not only not be funny, but it will also make me look like even more of a weirdo.
  3. I love watching the same movies over and over again. I think I've seen Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure probably 100 times and I don't think I'm even exaggerating. There's something comforting about it for me. There are so many good movies out there, I just want to remember til I die. The path I have chosen to get there is by watching them a million times
  4. I hate being hot. I know, I know, I live in Phoenix, one of the hottest places on the face of the planet, why should I hate it? I grew up with it. The worst thing in the world is being in a hot room. I can't concentrate, and sometimes, I get very angry. If anyone remembers Ghostbusters, those guys were doing a study on hot temperatures and the negative effect it has on people's moods. I think there is a direct link!

    Believe me, I have a ton of these. Please don't think I couldn't think of more, but I figured this is T's blog, too. He should be included in this as well. So, I'm going to mention a couple of his.
  5. T sings to himself. Sometimes, well, most of the time he sings pretty loudly. Either he forgets where he is or he just doesn't care, but he will even sing when there are other people around. One of my co-workers caught him singin' and made fun for it. It was kind of funny, but he's a good singer, so I guess it all works out. Maybe someone will hear him, and he'll get discovered!
  6. He doesn't wear deodorant. He thinks it is some sort of scam deodorant companies are playing. He thinks that people don't really need it. Sometimes, he'll wear it on special occasions, for me, because I love the smell of men's deodorant (another quirk of mine), but any other time, he is au natural. Fortunately, his pits don't smell and even though he is a pretty sweaty individual, he doesn't sweat there. Maybe it is a scam...
    Ok, here are the bloggers I tag: Steven and Chelsea, Elliot and Alisa, Chase and Mary, Tiffany and Jake, Megan and Tyler, and Kyle and Melissa. I KNOW you all have quirks, and I am very excited to read them. Yay, for blog tagging!


    Tricia and Nick said... funny! Sweet or dill? I think I like both the same amount. I don't ever buy pickles though so I guess that doesn't matter. I have my own opinions about deodorant. I still use it. I met a woman who makes her own deodorant. Crazy, huh?

    peachytiffers said...

    I got your tag. I'll post sometime this next week. I need some time to think, and I also have a final. I hear you about the pickles. I'm picky too. Kosher- Good choice. Any certain brand? Vlasic or claussen or any? Just curious :)

    T and Jackie Isom said...

    I really like dill, and the vlassic kind are great! I think that is really the only kind I eat.

    Nat said...

    Hans doesn't smell either. He'll come home from playing basketball and be sweating like a pig, but it doesn't smell. So not fair. He's never had to wear deodorant.

    Anonymous said...

    jackie - I never knew you loved pickles. Did you find any when we were in Russia??

    as for the no deodorant - I don't even know what to think! yay he doesn't need it, but oh would I be in a world of hurt if I didn't wear it!

    T and Jackie Isom said...

    I definately know I cannot live without it! Believe me, there have been some days where I forgot, and it was bad!