Tuesday, August 26

Saying Goodbye...

I know many other relatives of mine have already commented on this because it happened over a week ago, but my grandfather, Herbert Benjamin Ferrell passed away. He was 99, and he left quite a legacy; 10 children, 52 grandchildren, and over a hundred great-grandchildren! He was the sweetest, most generous, kind, caring and devoted person I have ever known. He was such a good example to my mine own father, which in turn, I have benefited from. This weekend, T and I went up to Utah to go to the viewing and funeral.

I was nervous because I had never really gone to an entire 'mormon' funeral service. I had been to one grave dedication on the mission, but I didn't know the person and we were only there to sing. I had never seen a body, and I was basically nervous for the whole thing. That, and I was uneasy about saying goodbye to my grandpa. Sure, he was 99, but that doesn't mean it still isn't sad (my dad kept saying that).

It was not at all what I thought it would be. My grandpa lived a long time; he'd been a good person all his life, and now it was his time to go. I got there, and I saw so many people I hadn't seen in such a long time! So many cousins I just lost track of. It was like grandpa had reunited us all. All of my aunts and uncles were there, considering there are ten of them. They live all over the country, one aunt was serving a mission with her husband at the time and another were leaving for China 2 days later to teach for a year. That was quite a feat!

Going to that funeral; being there among family members who truly and whole-heartedly believe we WILL see grandpa again felt comforting. It helped me to see he was in a happier place surrounded by people who loved him. When I will see him again, it will be a sweet reunion. What comfort! My grandpa was a great man whose legacy will be remember through his children.

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Steven & Chelsea Dorn said...

All I can say is AMEN! Your post pretty much summed up my feelings about the event. I wish I could have been there. My last memory of Great Grandpa is happy, and he is well and I didn't want my last memory to be from a casket. I am excited that we have eternities to be with family :)