Thursday, July 17

T's Job

This is T in his dirty, smokey, bumpy rig.

Many have asked me, what exactly does T do? Here in Logan, he is working out in Montpelier on the road construction there. He drives from the rock quarry where road base is dumped into his belly dump. He is then on his way in his smokey, super bumpy, big rig. He drives from there to the canyon where he then dumps the load where ever the construction workers tell him to. He then does the whole process again. He does this about 10 times in any given day.
I have been with him on several occasions to witness this. IT IS NOT FUN! At least it isn't for me. The rig is so loud, I can't talk to T, and when I do, I have to yell at him. It is pretty boring because all T is doing is driving. It is like going on a roadtrip without any of the perks of actually going somewhere. The truck is also so bumpy, I feel like I am getting whiplash! Also, the truck is so dang smokey, T's hair is covered in soot. Though I don't understand, T really enjoys what he does. He doesn't mind being dirty, smelly, and hard of hearing.
I have come to this conclusion: Boys are weird.


Tyler and Megan Rice said...

what's more bumby the rig or the bus in the middle of the night to nowhereville eastern europe with two mackers sitting next to you? i bet you wanted to rip your face off both times!

T and Jackie Isom said...

Actually, that is exactly what I was thinking of...Upon further thought, both were equally face-ripping off worthy...