Sunday, December 9

Christmas Blur

As I spent the better part of a Saturday morning on my bed, changing diapers, feeding kids, and watching old reruns, I thought about the things that have happened the past few days...
 T's grandpa passed away this month, so we made the journey to Salt Lake for the memorial.
From all the stories I heard over the years, as well as knowing him for as short a time as I did, it's obvious what a kind, wonderful man he is. 
I love my eldest son.
I do.
He has these moments of kindness, cuteness, silliness, and funniness that I absolutely treasure.
Then there are the other times.
Those of you who are or have been parents to a two almost three year old know what I'm talkin' 'bout.
Let's just say he, being a two almost three year old, has really tried our patience the last few weeks.
Here's hoping the new year will bring some enlightenment (from either him or us). 
On another note, we have yet to decide whether to cut his hair or let it grow, hippie-style.
Right now, his hair is at that awkward stage where he looks homeless more and more everyday.

At this moment, I am listening to my precious baby boy laughing and giggling while T plays with him.
That sound, my friends, is what true joy sounds like.
My baby is perfection and that's all I will say.

Forgive me, this is a picture of a picture.
JW and Richie met Santa this weekend.
Prior to this picture being taken, we made the mistake of going to the toy isle for JW to find something to get for Richie.
JW immediately found the Thomas the Engine stuff and took it all in his arms. 
When it came time to leave, JW was NOT happy about leaving all his newly acquired toys.
Please refer to paragraph above.
So, we told him he had to ask Santa for those toys, and if he was a good boy, then he would get them.
When we went to see Santa, the following conversation transpired:
Santa: Hi, what's your name?
JW: Thomas, Percy, on a boat, and Spencer the purple one.
Santa: Have you been a good boy?
JW: Thomas, Percy, on a boat, and Spencer the purple one.
Santa: How old are you?
JW: Two. Thomas, Percy, on a boat, and Spencer the purple one.
And then that was it.
Maybe he wanted to make sure Santa knew exactly what he wanted?
That boy of mine, I do not remember my life without his wonderful spirit.
Here's hoping the new year also brings some tranquility.
I am running low.

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