Friday, January 6

Modern Technology

Wyoming spoils teachers.
If you are looking into the education field, I would highly suggest this glorious state.
Having said that, my school gave me an ipad2.
To keep.
*Pause for judgemental/jealous gasp*
Anyway, I'm finding it really useful.
Especially for my child.
He LOVES it.
He loves to watch Elmo, Thomas, and anything related to those two things.
I even downloaded an Elmo app which he can't get enough of.
The interesting thing about it is he knows his way around that ipad.
He knows how to get to his Elmo app, he knows how to get out of it.
He knows how to get to the songs he likes, and he knows how to watch the videos he wants.
It is awesome to see him so enthralled with something I, myself and learning how to get around on.
It is also weird.

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Aubrey said...

Wow! I can't believe they gave you an I pad 2! I need to recommend my Mom teach there!