Monday, July 11

Splash Park Fun

Splash Parks are gifts from heaven.

Especially to moms whose children are super independent and obsessed with water.
 I wish they had them where we live.
 Of course, people would only be able to use them for exactly two months. 
 Then again, where we live we also have four seasons as well as soft grass. 
 I still love you splash parks.
 I had a GREAT time with you, Chelsea. 
 We need to do it again soon!


peachytiffers said...

Such cute pics!! I love the one with all the wrinkles!! :)

Steven and Chelsea said...

Wow! These turned out awesome! And thanks for sending me those other ones by the way! It was so fun to see you guys! Next summer we need to do the same thing and Q will be able to chase after John Wayne and we can actually talk a little easier!

iamthecheese said...

Those pics are so great!! The wrinkles and the last photo hahahaha