Friday, July 15

Our Fourth

 I know I'm a little behind, we don't have internet quite yet in our house, so I blog when I can.
Our Fourth of July was extremely memorable.
We woke up at 5 AM.

Climbed the pinnacle with the rest if the Isom clan and posted the flag.

I truly enjoyed standing out there in the wilderness taking in all the beauty we are so freely given. It has given a new-found appreciation for this wonderful country.

Later in the day, we went to this waterfall out on T's dad's land.  

The Isom spent the better part of the day trying to dam up the waterfall to make a pool.

I couldn't believe it, but they finally did it, and it was pretty cool!

I was dead tired after the whole day's activities, but it was so worth it...
Happy Fourth!

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Steven and Chelsea said...

I don't think you're blog is only up to the end of March.
The Isoms seem to have a lot of fun traditions!