Tuesday, June 21


My dad experienced a trauma around the time he started dating my mom.
His sister and brother-in-law were killed in a car accident by a drunk driver.
They had five children.
The driver was 17 and survived.
Drinking is one thing.
Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is another.
I often find myself thinking about that poor boy and how he has to live with the fact that he's responsible for five children growing up without their parents.
I wish I had me them.
They sounded like wonderful people.
On a nicer note, when it came time for my grandparents to find burial plots, they decided to buy 4 all next to each other. 
That way, when the time came, my grandparents could be buried next to their eldest daughter.
I couldn't think of a sweeter thing.
On my parents way home, they decided to make a stop in Ogden and pay their respects to my dad's mother, father, sister, and brother.
My mom cleaned the head stones, and placed flowers on their graves.
My dad told his famous, and never dull stories.
T and I listened to my mom and dad reminiscence (I LOVE to hear stories).
John Wayne played in the cellophane the flowers came in and ran around the cemetery.
What a beautiful June day made more beautiful by paying tribute to some wonderful spirits.


Melissa said...

LOVE those pictures! What a sweet story and way to spend a beautiful day.

Pants said...

Love that first picture.

peachytiffers said...

Beautiful. No other word describes that post better.