Saturday, June 11

Goodbye, Hello

Goodbye brand new bowling alley...I wish we would have gone to you more...
Goodbye Midway Mall, you were the only place to go in Big Piney to buy anything obscure. Frankly, I did not appreciate your overly inflated prices because you could.
 Goodbye dry riverbeds.  I will miss the driving adventures it took to find you...I've got a feeling that there are more finding adventures in my future...
Goodbye Big Piney park...I wish we could have visited more...alas the weather wouldn't allow it.
Goodbye laundromat...I kind of liked knowing I could get all of my clothes clean in 2 hrs.
John Wayne had fun helping me close all the doors.
Goodbye Linkon.
John Wayne will certainly miss being pulled around by you.
I will certainly miss watching you guys play together.
 Goodbye Big Piney trailer.
A lot of things about you annoyed you, but you were our home for a year. 
Goodbye Big Piney.
You will be missed.
Hello horse trailer.
You were able to fit all our stuff in there, with minimal scratches.
Thanks, Pete!
Hello new house!
We are happy you sit on a double lot, so there will be extra room for John Wayne to run and play this summer!
Hello empty spaces and LOTS of boxes.
I am NOT looking forward to dealing with you.

We are officially living in our new small Wyoming town.  
I am so happy to be here, and I am so ready to start getting to know our new surroundings.

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peachytiffers said...

Moving is so bitter sweet. Fun and not fun at the same time. Can't wait to see all your new adventures!