Friday, May 13

Mother, I Love You

Mother's Day has come and gone.
Yet, I can't help but think about my mom. 
I miss her.
 I have so many special memories of my mother.
She has set the example.
Since I've been thinking about her and missing her, I've decided to share some special memories I have.
 Being the second oldest, it wasn't always easy to get the attention I felt I deserved.
One night around when I was 10 or 11 my mom had just got off the phone with my aunt, who needed someone to accompany her to Las Vegas.  I didn't think much about it until early the next morning.  I woke to my mom rubbing my back and asking if I wanted to skip school and go with her to Vegas.  
Just me and her.
I don't remember much about that trip, just that it was a special time for me and my mom.
I think that was the time I learned how my parents met (special, and super cute, by the way).
I also got to skip school (super special).
 From 90'-91', we lived in Chicago.
We only lived there a year.
My parents wanted to move back to Phoenix.
They also didn't want any distractions moving; 
me being seven, I probably would have been.
So, my older brother and I spent the summer in South Dakota with my grandparents.
I missed my parents terribly.
 I was anxious to see my mom and dad.  
I don't remember much about the drive back to Chicago, but I do remember what happened when we pulled up to the house.
They were busy packing and my mom was taking out a rug.
The moment we saw each other, she dropped the rug, ran to me, picked me up, hugged the hardest I've ever been hugged, and spun me around.
It was a tender moment in my life; 
I knew she missed me as much as I missed her.
 When I was 8, my mom was my primary teacher.
Our class was very small, and all the rest of the kids came sporadically.
Dying for some individual attention from her, I would hope every Sunday, I secretly hoped I would be the only one in class.
Most Sundays, if not, all of them there was at least one other child in the class.
Except for one special Sunday.
I was the only one.  
I don't remember what we talked about, but I do remember how special she made me feel.
I sat on her lap the entire time, she held me and whispered in my ear, and made me feel only the way a mother knows how to. 
I'm not sure she even taught the lesson!
So Mom, here's to you. 
I may not remember the exact details of things, but I certainly remember those feelings. 
Those feelings I will cherish forever.
I know you don't think you were good enough, as I'm coming to understand this mom-oriented feeling more and more.
I am here to say:
You were more than good enough.

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