Wednesday, April 13

Who IS This Kid?

My baby has been doing lot of changing.
Lots of growing up.
I have a love/hate relationship with this growing up thing.
It seems he's learning something new everyday.
He's been talking.
A lot.
Mostly it's babble, but there are a few words he's picked up lately.
Last week, it was 'ball'.
Everything was ball.
A few days later, it was 'dog'.
Everything was dog.
Fast forward a few days, and it was 'Hi Daddy'. 
Everything and everyone was hi daddy.
Lately, he's learned two thing.
The first is 'yee-haw'.
(He learned it from a toy; it sound like 'eee-aww'.
The second is 'here you go'.
(I think he learned that from me; it sounds like 'eee-oh'.)
It's fun to see what he can pick up on.
His current loves include:
(although I've yet to get a picture or video of it.)
 Playing 'I'm gonna get you' with his dad.

 Waving to people, but only on his terms.
He doesn't care if someone waves at him, he only wave when he wants to.
 Copying people.
(We were just combing his hair.)
 Sticking his tongue out.
 Yes, my friends he is my son!  He LOVES pickles!
And walking.
Oh my, we love that little kid.


Amber said...

He is seriously one of the cutest little man around. I love those eyes of his.
They sure do grow up fast!

Brooke said...

love the pic of him brushing his hair with his tongue out- soooo cute

Pants said...

I love the one with his tongue out and brushing his hair. So very cute.