Thursday, April 21

Pretending it's Spring

Being from Phoenix, I've always been a little hazy on the seasons.  
Up until my Junior of high school, I thought the seasons went like so:
January-April = Spring
May-August = Summer
September-October = Fall
October-December = Winter
(The only reason I thought maybe I wrong then was because my dad laughed at me when I told him this.)
This winter was...eye opening.
I was stuck inside a lot of days, 
and there's only so much one can do in a small two bedroom trailer.
The one I feel really bad for is John Wayne.
He just learned he has these legs, and he only gets to use them exploring our house.  
The other day, we decided it was time for him to start discovering the world.
So, we took him to the park.
I don't mean to brag, but Big Piney has TWO playground parks.
One right next to the post office, and the other next to the Senior Center.
The one near the Senior Center is better, but it's been covered in snow up until a week ago.
We took this as a sign to go to the better park.
Once we got there we found out there was good news and bad news.
Bad news:
The snow may have melted, but it was no where near the right temperature to be touching cold, metal, playground equipment .
Good news:
John Wayne was so excited to be outside, he didn't notice how cold he was.
He loved the swings, as usual.

He makes this face and does that thing with his finger A.LOT.  It looks like he's trying to educate us...
He saw this thing, ran over to it, and shouted "Dog!"

We couldn't feel our appendages, but we had fun at the park.


Amber said...

SUCH cute pictures! I LOVE his smile.

Steven and Chelsea said...

That close up in the yellow swing is my new favorite picture!! And I feel ya about frozen playground experience!