Wednesday, July 15

Colorado Fun

Since Richard and Joie (my brother and sister-in-law), moved to Colorado, my parents have tried to find times throughout the year to get us all together. With my dad and I both teaching now and Joie going to nurse practitioner school all year round, this last weekend was basically the only time all of us were free at the same time until Christmas.

As a result, we drove the 14+ hours to get to Denver, Colorado! I apologize to my family because it would've been less, but I am still dealing with morning sickness (which I would NOT suggest going on a road trip if you have it!) and if I even drink one sip of water, I have to go to the bathroom immediately. I'm thinking near the end of this pregnancy, I'm going to be one of those pregnant ladies that lives on the toilet (won't my students enjoy that?).

Though a long trip, it was definitely worth it! Colorado is beautiful! It had been a very rainy summer there (along with anywhere else, besides Phoenix) so it was very green and lush.

Richard and Joie just bought a house and it is in the most wonderful neighborhood. Theirs along with all of their neighbors, had these quaint little red brick houses. I love red brick! Giant trees lined the sidewalk, making an arch over the road. It was like the entire city was shaded! (I think I'm obsessed with shade because the only shade we get is from palm trees, which is not a lot). Joie only had the weekend to spend with us, so we stayed for only the weekend. They planned a lot of fun activities for us to make the most of our stay...

First, we had a picnic in this gorgeous downtown park. We brought some blankets, bought Thai food at this place Richard and Joie love, and found a nice shaded area in the grass. The grass was so soft, there was no need for the blanket. I loved how so many people were taking advantage of the beautiful day. They were out riding their bikes, buying a hot dog, or swimming in the nearby river. It was crowded, but not uncomfortably crowded, which happens in Phoenix.

After lunch, T and I went down to the river and soaked our toes. We watched people go down the river rapids on their tubes, wishing we had not only brought a tube, but bathing suits as well. Joie found a place where they were giving free rafting rides down the rapids and jumped on that!

For being free, it was awesome! I would suggest it to ANYONE! After wards , T and Preston got brave enough to go down the rapids without anything. According to these faces, it was not an easy task!

Later that night, we went to lower downtown and saw the movie Spiderman in the park. Throughout the summer, the city of Denver play these movies up against a giant screen outside. They serve free snow cones, popcorn, and cotton candy! Super fun!

On Monday, T, Samantha, Preston, and I all went to Six Flags in downtown Denver. We especially enjoyed the old fashioned roller coaster and the log flume water ride. Boy, did we get wet!

Later that day, it started to rain pretty hard and all the rides closed down. While waiting for the rides to start up again, we went to the sea lion show. I didn't realize how smart those animals are. Very impressive!

We then unfortunately, had to drive home to the desert wasteland we call home. I would rather have stayed for at least six more weeks, but I start work again on Monday... I guess my summer is basically over...tear...


allison said...

Man I love going to Denver, I'm glad you had fun! I've never heard of the movie in the park thing, where was that at, I want to check it out! Sorry about the morning sickness, hopefully it will go away soon!

Trish the dish said...

Hmm, when can I book my trip there? Actually I've been thinking lately that Colorado is definitely on the list of one of the next places to live once we move away from this sweaty deserty place! Maybe in a few years...

Melissa said...

It looks like you guys had a blast. I hope you're feeling better. It seemed to help me with the whole morning sickness thing when I had something to snack on frequently. It really does help. Thank you for saying Carter is cute. I sure like him. I'm so excited for you guys to be parents. It's such an incredible experience.