Monday, April 20

I Liked This

For Christmas, my parents gave me a calendar to put in my classroom. It's one of those tear away calendars; it's also school related so there's always a quote or idea to do with your kids everyday. The quote today really struck me.

"As adults, when we think back to our years in school, we remember teachers, not intructional methods and techniques. We remember the teachers who saw something special in us and made a connection, planting those cherished memories and good feelings that continue to live within us where ever we are or whatever we've become."
- John Blaydes

I really enjoyed this quote, and for whatever reason I felt like it was something I needed to hear today...


Trish the dish said...

That is a great quote! Whenever the missionaries here come over to our house, I always talk about you and T. Sorry that was random but just thought you should know. And I might be able to visit the Freckleton's house soon- turns out they have ultrasound equipment and don't mind helping out poor people like us!

T and Jackie Isom said...

I don't mind, and I'm sure T doesn't mind at all. We've been out of the mission for too long now, I fear no missionaries know us. Except for T's boy, Elder Houghton. He'll be coming home in July, and then it is official...No missionaries out will know us!