Tuesday, February 3

What I do...

First off, I wanted to thank all of you who showed their concern for my car accident last week. It means a lot to me. Physically, I am ok. My back is a little tight and my doctor has put me on some medication to help me sleep, but other than that, I am ok. Emotionally, I am still a little bit shook up. I am feeling a little tramatized with everything that happened. I'm sure I'll be fine, I guess I just need time.
Now, I was planning on blogging about my teeny tiny classroom last week, but with everything that happened, I forgot about it. So here's what you've all been waiting for (I'm sure), what I do all day long!
I know I have explained my description in the past, but that was before I even started working there. I work at Fowler Elementary School, which is actually in the Fowler Elementary School District (people get confused sometimes). I am a Reading Intervention Specialist, which is basically a fancy word for reading teacher. Instead of having a regular size classroom, I put out kids from grades 3rd-5th and work on reading/reading strategies with them.
For the most part, however, I work with the 5th grade. I have a small group of 5th graders that come to me, and I am their reading block. So, I have them for 2 1/2 hours everyday. I try to change things up so they aren't sitting all day. Here are some of the pictures I took around my teeny tiny classroom, before all the other stuff happened.

Here is my whiteboard. It is a little chaotic, but I think it gets the message across. You can sort of see it, but in the left right-hand corner of the picture there is a t-chart that reads "Teacher/Student". It is a game I play with the students. If they behave or use a vocabulary word correctly in a sentence, they get a point. If they are not behaving or laying their heads on their desks (I hate that!), I get a point. If they win at the end of the month, they get a party. If I win, they don't. The kids like playing, and it makes things more fun.

This is our cause and effect chart. We just got finished learning it.

I got tired of the kids always telling me they are done, so I made this poster to remind them of all the things they COULD do if they have finished something.

I told you, it is teeny tiny. That's about all there is in my classroom.

There I am! Working hard?

Who knows what's going to happen next year, but for now, I am happy to be working right where I am!


Melissa said...

Little classrooms are the best! It looks great! I hope teaching is going good for you.

Tricia and Nick said...

Yeah, I feel kind of bad missing grandpa's so I'm leaving on Monday to fly up.